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Welcome to Diversity Council Collaboration Center (DC3)

Initiated by the IT Taskforce of Diversity Council's Board of Directors, DC3 aims to support information sharing of our stakeholders to better achieve the vision and mission of Diversity Council.

We have moved DC3 to DC3V2.


Vision: The Diversity Council's vision is an inclusive and welcoming community

in which every individual is respected.

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Mission: We educate people to embrace diversity as a foundation

for a healthy, prosperous and inclusive community.


DC3.2 and DC3 Classic supplement the official Diversity Council website in a number of ways:

Please note that some pages require you to log in to see. If you would like access to these pages, click this New Member Registration link to request access.

  1. Provide the Diversity Council Board of Directors a virtual teamroom to share and track meeting agendas/minutes, policy work items and thoughts.
  2. Allow DC stakeholders to collaborate in real-time on the web (instead of just sending emails back and forth).
  3. Allow us to manage knowledge that our DC stakeholders produce and to harvest its potential to serve diversity.
  4. Provide deeper details and communication for DC's centerpiece programs.
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